Friday, March 20, 2009

Plutarch, Aristotle, Shakespeare and a game of Chess

Spring has only just begun to have sprung here in the Great Lakes Region, but already it tempts us to throw studies to the wind and breathe in the still-nippy air, drinking in the rare sunshine. We as a homeschool family certainly prefer to take a "Sunny Day" off from school to foregoing schoolwork on a "Snow Day".

However, school is still in session and an extraordinary portion of our day is given to studying Plutarch's Lives (currently Poplicola), Shakespeare (The Taming of the Shrew), Latin, Logic, World History, music, art, geography, math, English, science, nature study, etc., etc.

So when our young students finish school early and have some free time they run excitedly........

to the game cupboard. Yes, my children, while wildly in love with being in the great outdoors, are also obsessed with challenging each other to a game of chess. Does this make their nerdy mother's heart sing? Absolutely! It excites me to see my children not only love to do things together, but to do intellectually stimulating things, and in their free time, too!

So while they are certainly getting healthy doses of this glorious springtime as it roars like a lion and lies calmly like lambs, I get giddy when I see them playing a board game.

What is your family doing to spend time together? May I recommend browsing through our game cupboard? You might find a new obsession of your own!

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