Friday, January 25, 2008

Antiquity Meets 21st Century

Believe it or not, we are finally bloggers! It may take time to decide what the focus of this blog will be...Perhaps our games, perhaps homeschooling, maybe our Etsy shop, or Reformed Theology...or it could be a little of everything. Time will tell. Whichever it is, we hope you will stay and get to know us so we can get to know you, too.

~Brian and Jennifer Kooshian~


Field Notes said...

COOL!! Make it about all of the above.. I am curious what reformed theology is. You could write about your time in Jordon too. That would be neat, and adopting. I am going to have to add a link to your blog to my links list so I can find you again easily :-}


Brian and Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're part of the 'audience', recycled! I hope we can make it worth the link :)

I'm adding an etsy friends' lists to mine today, too, and you'll definitely be on there!

Unknown said...

I see you are fairly new to the blogging community too (I just joined in January also) - personally, I'd love to read more about your homeschooling. My oldest is almost finished school now - and I did NOT enjoy "the system"...we are seriously considering home-schooling our youngest (he's 2 now).

Great blog so far - keep it up - & I'll add you to my etsy friend's list.

Brian and Jennifer said...

Thank you, Christy! So nice to meet you~

I hope in some way I can encourage you in your schooling decisions :)